New Owners
Spirongo Lordstown LLC (LTEX), doing business as the Ohio Commerce Center since 2010, is gaining attention from potential tenants who are attracted to the recent upgrades. The greenfield space, as well as the new owners’ commitment to modernization, provides opportunities for potential tenants to create their space to serve endless functions. Ohio Commerce Center’s modernization plan includes
  • Repaving of roads and parking areas
  • Upgrading of rail lines
  • Building a new administrative office
  • Developing low cost gas and electric utilities
    for tenants from on-site resources
  • Developing abundant on-site water resources
    from two municipal sources – the City of Warren
    and Mahoning Valley Sanitary District

Contact Information
Ohio Commerce Center
On-site management office
5232 Tod Ave. SW, Suite 11
Lordstown, OH 44481-9747

Frank Sutliff, manager

phone: 330.399.1804
fax: 330.399.1811

Owners: Spirongo Lordstown LLC (LTEX)   
P.O. Box 1107
Warren, OH 44482
phone: 330-395-8791 or 330-399-1881


Sales and Leasing
Chuck Joseph, CCIM            
Sales and Leasing                
Office: 330.306.0503               
Cell: 330.502.7807          

Dan Crouse                    
Sales and Leasing     
office: 330.856.5700               
cell: 330.647.0411    

Routh-Hurlbert Real Estate
8031 East Market Street    
Warren, Ohio 44484
phone: 330.306.0503    
fax: 330.306.0553

Chuck Joseph
Dan Crouse